Sunday, 20 March 2011

Advertisement Critic: Colgate 360 ActiFlex

Context: Indian TV Channels | March 2011 | Colgate 360 ActiFlex Tooth Brush by Colgate
Disclaimer: I admit that this review of Colgate 360 ActiFlex Tooth Brush is more about the product than the advertisement. However, the advertisement (TV Commercial) is my window to the product.

There are so many things I like about this product. But, I do not intend to discuss those. Those have already been covered by so many forums, critics, advertisements and reviews!! Now, let’s talk straight!

Colgate 360 ActiFlex
1. If I were a germ or bacteria, I would love the very design of this product. If I saw it right, the flexible part of the head is stationed on a bridge-like structure with a hollow or gap underneath. As a germ or bacteria, I love that kind of space to survive and grow. That is a space good enough to retain moisture for a prolonged time. That’s going to help me grow and survive. That is a space where dirt and filth can get deposited easily, unnoticed!! That makes a perfect home for me. Even though the product claims that it cleans your mouth really well, it is easy to understand that it is really difficult to clean (and maintain the cleanliness of) each part of the underneath of the bridge-like structure. And, that is probably the real magic behind true oral hygiene! ;-)

2. Let’s take a look at the focus of the design - The Flexible Head. I mean, it is about the portion of the head (bristle-base) that is flexible - that can tilt to each side. What makes it a good deal? Is it really a good deal? Does it do any good? Well, perhaps NOT! Do you really think the flexible part is going to brush your teeth automatically the way you do when you drive the brush up and down manually while holding it horizontal to the ground? No way! [A] It is not an automated (Mechanized) head. So, it is not able to produce any such move on its own.  [B] This design (a flexible head) is going to make brushing difficult! Sounds funny? May be! Let me explain. If the head of the brush is not flexible, when you drive the brush upwards (with an intention to brush your teeth from its bottom to top, as you would do to clean the front of the lower line of your teeth) the bristles of the brush (head) actually produces that move. And, your purpose is solved. However, to the contrary, if the head is flexible, when you drive it upwards, part of the head does not move really that way. Since it is flexible, it has the liberty (flexibility) to stay back. Your effort goes waste. That will result in two problems. [i] It is going to take you do more moves (cycles of brush movement) to get the desired result. [ii] More cycles of brushing means your need to spend more time, every day. Time is money. You paid a bigger price to save time and get better oral hygiene. Did you get those, really?

To better understand the point 2, you may try this brush on a model teeth-set at the dentist’s. Experimentation is really the best way to realize and establish a truth | fact.
Innovation should fit the context. Innovation must do some good. Just making a product that looks and feels different does not make any real sense.

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