Saturday, 15 September 2012

DUCOA 03 - Why is DUCOA a good choice?

There is just one short and simple answer to this question. Not only does this Test Automation Framework talk about how it is built and what its components are, but it also talks about where (in which context or scenario) it is used; and precisely how! This “how” part is very valuable. Not only does DUCOA Test Automation Framework provide the basis for building a layer of infrastructure (Test Automation Framework), but it also provides a framework of processes pertaining to how (a set of valuable practices) exactly to use that infrastructure in real time.

And, anybody would love its simplicity, extensibility, power and flexibility. And, by the way, not only do the Test Data and Configuration Data, but the Tests also reside outside the Automation Code. Tests and Automation Code are absolutely loosely coupled. No test does reside in the Automation Code in the context of DUCOA Test Automation Framework Architecture and Design. Let's take a look at how only a very small team is required to do Test Automation with the DUCOA Test Automation Framework in place, next.   Next Page >>

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